Innovative Pickguards..

Atheris Innovations provides modern solutions to help guitarists achieve the results they desire with much less effort and frustration.

Our primary design is a patented split-panel pickguard for S-style guitars:

  • Our split-panel design is a drop-in replacement for the old single-panel pickguard.
  • Our design makes it possible to change pickups or graphic panels without messing with the strings.
  • This means a player can essentially do on-the-fly swaps or repairs in as little as 5 minutes, truly ‘plug-and-play’!

We provide stunning panels that fit like they should! Our pickguard panels are spec’d to current production MIM pickguards, they have the same precise screw-hole locations as the one that came with the guitar. We can also fit other outlines upon request.

Our pickguards can be used with either traditional soldered wiring, or with newer quick-connect wiring, though we prefer using quick-connect components for the fastest, easiest, changeout process ever.

Finally! Change your guitar’s look or sound in minutes, without all the hassle!!



Please visit our gallery for examples our our panels in action, and be sure to contact us with any questions or comments!